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Customer water softener reviewsWater softener reviews and customer testimonials 

  • “Amazing device! Great tasting water, less effort in the chore of bathroom cleaning and less aggravation on Eczema affected skin – bathing really has lost its sting!”
  • “A great system. Expertly fitted. Saving on so many things. Soap, dishwasher detergent. So pleased we had this system installed.”
  • “I cannot understand why anyone living in a hard water area does not immediately install a water softener – after all water is so fundamental to our everyday life.”
  • “All you said is true. We could never be without it now and would recommend it to anyone.”
  • “I didn’t want one, my wife said she did. We now have one and its great! Highly recommended.”
  • “Nothing could be better! Service from start to finish excellent.”
  • “It’s all I ever hoped it would be and even more than the advertising suggests. I wish we’d done it years ago!”
  • “A good investment, complete transformation to water into the house, many thanks for individual help and ongoing maintenance.”


Pure Choice Customer review water softeners

A letter from one of our customers:

Dear Richard

As you are aware one of the prime reasons for installing a water softener was to reduce the amount of detergents we use.

My father who is 88 years old is suffering from skin cancer and the detergents used cause inflammation and irritation of the infected area. Doctors advised that a reduction in the amount of detergents used would improve Dad’s comfort level. As Dad’s finances are controlled by the Public Guardianship office I sought their permission to use Dad’s capital to fund a water softener, to which they agreed.

Having reviewed the possible supply options I decided that your knowledge and equipment that you offered gave us the best option. What is most important is that after only three weeks of wearing clothes washed in softened water and 75% to 85% reduction in detergents used I and the nursing staff attending Dad were surprised at the total reduction of the red irritation around Dad’s infected areas. We all know this is not a cure for skin cancer but it has relieved some of the suffering.

Should any of your future customers wish to contact me I will be willing to assist in any way. There is a down side ‘forgetfulness’, in week two Pauline decided to scrub the kitchen floor and used the normal amount of cleaning materials, result: soap suds all up wall and need for many buckets of water to remove, proof indeed the system works. Secondly pass on our thanks for a job well done to your engineer who installed the system.

Yours TrulyCustomers water softener comments Pure Choice

BP, Salisbury, Wiltshire.


Water softener customer review

More customer comments

  • “Less cleaning of the bath etc. efficiency of washing machine & appliances – The service is good & am grateful for that”
  • “This is our second softener but it is so much more efficient in terms of salt usage yet supplies good soft water in, what is, a very hard water area – Thorough and professional support, very impressed. Punctual & arrives at specified time”
  • “Softened water means less cleaning of sinks & baths, as well as longer lasting appliances. – Regular servicing and salt deliveries as they are needed. Pure Choice do the remembering for you, so you don’t need to worry. – Very good customer service. Staff and engineers very polite and professional.”
  • “Reduces Lime scale – Friendly, helpful & efficient staff”
  • Pure Choice Water softener review by customers“No high pressure sale, when we bought it. Service engineers always pleasant and obliging”
  • ” Super: water soft; no scum; no scaling; less detergents etc. – efficient and charming service”
  • “Bathing & showering more pleasurable. Use much less detergents, washing up liquid, soap etc. – Friendly & helpful when contacted. – Can be relied on to keep any arrangements made, & telephone if appointment time is likely to be varied.”
  • “I have used Pure Choice for some years and find them helpful efficient and reliable and very friendly – and good looking (particularly Ashley)!!”
  • “Hair remains soft when washed, skin that is prone to eczema is better, no scum in bathroom, kettle, kitchen etc. – Pure Choice are efficient and always prompt for appointments. – Over last 11 years their service has been exceptional. – If we should move house, we would definitely have a water softener again”
  • “The quality of the water is excellent. Its amazing how much filth is left in the filter (drinking water filter system). – Always reliable and helpful. – I would recommend using Pure Choice. You couldn’t get a more friendly and reliable company”
  • “Cleaning is so much easier due to no soap scum or deposits – Washing machines, kettle etc get no scale build ups – First class service. I feel I can ring any time if any problems. Useful to have salt and filter deliveries”
  • “No lime scale anywhere; less detergent used; very good results in dishwasher & washing machine; very good for skin & especially hair. – Excellent service, good communication, pleasant & helpful personnel. Always arrive as arranged with a phone call if there needs to be a change. – Never pushy; very professional advice given with obvious technical knowledge”


Even more customer comments 

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