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Eczema Treatment

Eczema treatment using softer water has been beneficial to many people

Eczema treatmentEczema treatment and remedies are numerous. You may have already tried eczema treatment that involves emollients, soap substitutes, bath oils, topical steroids, natural remedies and possibly other forms of eczema treatment.

Hard water has been attributed or linked to eczema for many years.

We in the water softening industry have received many affidavits that eczema treatment has been helped by using soft water. There is no guarantee that the eczema treatment using soft water. However, if you find improvement when you visit a softer water area then we have found that the use of a water softener, in most cases, does have a beneficial effect on the eczema treatment.

Eczema with babies and infants often causes great distress with parents, who even with medical assistance of eczema cream still find only marginal relief of eczema. Two interesting letters that we received of a case of baby eczema gave us some very positive feedback to the benefits of using softened water for eczema relief. (See below.)

Eczema treatment from the medical profession will sometimes prescribe steroid cream for short periods, if the child is over two antihistamines may help. For the most part it is common to use a skin softening cream such as an emollient.

Causes for eczema can not only be associated with hard water, there will be other factors involved, a lot of people try softer water to help alleviate the causes of eczema. The use of a water softener can provide help for eczema treatment of sufferers.

A study carried out by Nottingham University carried out research which identified that eczema was more likely to affect people living in the areas of the country receiving hard water.

The Daily Mail online discussed “Could a water softener cure your Child’s eczema?” the BBC also ran an article “Water softener eczema relief hope”.

With our try before you buy scheme we will install a water softener for you to use, subject to a site survey with in our service area. eczema treatment using soft water could be your answer.

A testimonial from one of our customers:

Dear Mr Bisgrove

I am writing to let you know that, having a Water Softener fitted in my home has been very beneficial in helping to control my sons’ eczema. Sam is 3 years old and has suffered with severe eczema since birth, since having the Water Softener his skin has become a lot softer and lost the dry roughness, this has meant that I only need to put creams and ointments on the patches of eczema, rather than covering him from head to toe which used to be necessary most days, this has made Sam a lot happier, he no longer complains when I do need to use his cream and he certainly enjoys his bath a lot more.

I have also been able to considerably reduce the amount of washing powder I use and cut out fabric softener altogether, this has also been beneficial as Sam’s clothes have less chemicals in them but still feel soft.

LA Somerset

The following letter was sent to the National Eczema Society.

Dear Sir

Water Softener

Our son, now 3 years 6 months has suffered with eczema since he was 6 months old. Last year it was so severe he was admitted to hospital 3 times where the treatment consisted of twice daily bathing and wet wrapping, after the application of steroid and moisturising ointments. Oral steroids helped for a while as did cyclosporine. However the use of these drugs could not be long term solutions and when the usefulness of the cyclosporine waned we were back to considering a short course on prednisolone (steroids)…

…we have always had a problem with his baths. Even though the water was kept tepid, with lots of oil and soap substitute, he would scream through the whole process, starting from the words ‘it’s time for your bath’ until his pyjamas were on. The event was so traumatic that during his last stay in hospital nurses were wondering if he could be allergic to water because he hated it so much and whilst in the bath his skin would turn quite red, and be extremely itchy. Because of his aversion to baths and on medical advice, I only bathed him 3 times a week.

I was therefore very interested to read your article about the use of water softeners and discovered we now live in a very hard water area, we thought it would benefit our family and hopefully most of all George to invest in one. We opted for an water softener fitted by Pure Choice … after 3 weeks we noticed a difference in George’s eczema. It was noticeably less red and patchy. Also because we now had soft water we started to increase his baths and were pleasantly surprised to find he started actually enjoying having his bath. He still needs coaxing to sit in the bath, but once he does he sits happily playing before wanting to come out, sometimes after a while in the bath he will get itchy, but it’s not all the time and every time like before. His skin is much less dry and red, the moisturisers seem to be absorbed into his skin more quickly, and he has not had to have antibiotics since we have had the softener. I feel George’s eczema has improved considerably since having the water softener, and lessened the risk of flare-ups and infections.

JW, South Gloucestershire

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Softer water is something that you should consider for you Eczema treatment

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