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Softnetic water softener

Softnetic water softener – no fuss non electric technology!

Softnetic water softener

Softnetic water softener – Uses Block Salt – Designed, Engineered & Manufactured in the UK

Softnetic water softeners are designed, engineered and manufactured in the UK by Harvey Water Softeners. With efficiency and ease of use in mind. It is the ideal water softener for limited space availability. The best block salt water softener.



  • UKWTAThe Softnetic has two softening cylinders filled with ultra fine resin beads giving you an uninterrupted supply of softened water.
  • When one the cylinders regenerate, it uses already softened water from the other cylinder. This eliminates any possibility of the build up of damaging  lime scale within the unit, ensuring your softener continues to work accurately, reliably and efficiently.
  • A clever meter within the control system accurately measures your water usage and ensures that the Softnetic water softener is always achieving maximum efficiency, both in water and salt usage. This means not only will the water be just as soft when you have guests and your usage increases, but also you won’t waste anything if you go on holiday and use no water at all.
  • The Softnetic requires no electricity because the clever meter’s advanced designs runs on water power! Aside from not adding anything to your electricity bill, there is no need for extra wiring during installation.
  • Having been designed solely for homes in the UK, the compact dimensions of the Softnetic water softeners allow easy fitting within a kitchen cupboard. Although out of sight, the cleverly designed lid front makes salt loading easy, even in the tightest spaces.
  • Even the salt used in the Softnetic is clever! Having been compressed into brick sized blocks the salt can easily be stored, handled and loaded into the front of the softener. No fuss, no mess, no problem.
  • Softnetic water softeners are so small, quiet and easy to use, you may even forget it is there, that is until you remember how good the water feels!
  • Convenient block salt a must.


 Softnetic non electric water softener ~ click this link for a pdf brochure



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