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Salt deliveries

Pure Choice provide you with more than just water salt. When you get salt delivered to your home or business, we want to be politely nosy as to the well being of your water softener. All salt deliveries are made by our own engineers and technicians who have had a substantial education on all types of water softeners. Your salt purchase and delivery will include a FREE of cost check over your water softener, many problems can be identified before they become a serious problem. If necessary your water softener will be re calibrated to suit the ever changing water hardness in your area. You will also be asked if you want us to top up the water softener with fresh salt. Water softener block salt (for Kinetico, Twintec, Crown, MinMax, Calmag and other non electric water softeners,) is priced by the more you have the cheaper it gets. Electronic water softeners most typically use tablet salt, some will use granular or granulite salt. Bristol salt supplies and deliveries happen almost daily, so your salt is delivered at your convenience. Telephone Sue on 0800 068 1857 now for your free quote for best salt prices and delivery service that you are going to get.