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Seller of Water Softeners at Bath and West Water Softener trade stand

Professional selling of water softeners is essential these days.

Professional Seller of water softener systemsWater softener product knowledge, high levels of training, and wealth of years of experience provide you with peace of mind.

Pure Choice remains resolutely independent of any one particular manufacturer of water softeners to give you the best technical choice of water softener, for your needs, to match your budget.

The Royal Bath & West Show gave us the opportunity to discuss many aspects of water softeners and water softener installation with visitors to our trade stand.

We often come across water softener installations that fall short of the promise. Why? Because, the supplier, is perhaps a tied agent or water softener dealer for only one brand of water softener. They will be very very persuasive that their water softener is better than any other water softener on the market. Following little support from the original seller of the water softener we at Pure Choice are asked to attend on a service visit to correct the installation, if we can! Sometimes we have to advise that the owner of the water softener has unfortunately bought the wrong specification of water softener to suit their home. Plumbers frequently get the correct choice of water softener wrong as well, even the installation fall short of plumbing standards for the installation of a water softener.

So why should you consider an independent dealer of water softeners such as Pure Choice Quality Water Treatment Systems?

  • We survey your property.
  • We will understand the plumbing system you have.
  • We will need your anticipated budget or cost that you wish to pay for a water softener system installation.
  • We do not obligate you to purchase, we will just provide you with a quotation for the most appropriate water softener system for your home.


With these facts we will walk you through the maze of choice. With our in depth knowledge of water softener systems and their specifications we will be able to match the correct system for you, your residence and your pocket.

The Royal Bath and West Show gave us the opportunity to discuss water softeners at our trade stand

The Royal Bath and West Show saw attendance low for the fist two days. The lower attendance did not distract from the interest in water softener systems, though. Michael Horsell was kept busy discussing with visitors the various aspects of water softener systems.

Here Michael is explaining the problems associated with hard water.

Hard water explanation 1 Hard water explanation 2 Hard water explanation 3 Hard water explanation 4 Hard water explanation 5 Hard water explanation 6

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