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Water Softeners

Water softeners as a proven answer to hard water.

Water Softeners Review and Comparison 

Water softeners are described as one of the best kept secrets for any home. 

The feel of soft water on your skin is fantastic. Water softeners have helped so many people with eczema and dry skin conditions take back control of their life. Soap will lather and not produce a scum that it will with hard water. Bathrooms shine and sparkle. Laundry washes cleaner and softer. Everywhere the softener provides softened water in your home, you will see a remarkable difference.

Water softeners give you real savings. Limescale is banished forever, both the visible deposits and those that have built up inside the pluming system. The elimination of hard water deposits will save energy, reducing your heating bills and plumbing maintenance. Water softeners save you money. Fact, not fiction.

Discover for yourself how water softeners will benefit you.

Pure Choice provides water softeners from all of the leading brands  in the UK. We are independent and will provide you with free advice (and quotation) for the most suitable water softener for your budget and technical requirement of you property. Please call us on 0800 068 1857.

Invest in your future.Water softeners are so affordable providing you with real savings and benefits.

Low cost water softeners.

There are many different branded softeners in this group of equipment. Generally, all of these will give you excellent soft water. These water softeners are brilliant for entry level softening. Consider that these low cost softeners will pay for themselves within a year or so. But not all water softeners are created equal! Specifications, performance and reliability can vary significantly.  Pure Choice will help you through the selection process to help you with the correct choice. Here are some of the brands, but not all we can assist you with.

Prices from £395:

  • Coral water softener
  • Tapworks
  • Kinetico mini
  • Delta
  • Micro
  • Mistral
  • Swan
  • Laser
  • Flamingo
  • Waterside
  • Aquasoftener
  • Electratwin

Reconditioned water softener

These vary in both price and availability.  Pure Choice will recondition water softeners only if they are of satisfactory quality. Guarantees will be given on any water softener sold. You will find that a reconditioned water softener will offer you a brilliant way to get soft water for comparatively low cost. With all of the reconditioned systems we supply, we always offer you our peace of mind buy back. Please ask for details.

Some of our more popular water softeners include: Hague, Ecowater, Domus,etc. Both non electric and electronic water softeners are available.

Within this price range (£1200 to £1800) of popular systems we would normally use one of the main manufacturers. The major benefit of choosing one of the popular water softeners from this group is that it will be much more efficient and provide you with considerably lower running cost. Their reliability is very good, providing reduced maintenance cost and less repairs.

The products below are just a few that we are able to access for you. To have a clearer idea of the best choice, we ideally need to visit your home or business to carry out a site survey. Not all water softeners are suited best technically to the water pressures, hardness, your daily anticipated usage, flow rates or the unique plumbing that you have, it is important to get the specification right.

Please telephone us on 0800 0681857 or contact us,  we are here to help with friendly clear no obligation advice. We will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Electric popular water softeners

Hague Water Softeners

Ecowater Water Softeners

Non electric popular water softeners

Domus Water Softeners

  • FSB
  • Bark