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Household Water Softeners

Compare household water softeners, home water softeners or domestic water softeners. It is extremely important that you understand what water softener you are buying for your home. Prices of household water softeners vary significantly.

Water softener cost can start as low as £385. You can also pay in excess of £3000.

So why the wide range of domestic water prices?

Specification and performance is the simple answer. Not all water softeners are made equal. Low cost home water softeners will be cheap because of the quality of build and the performance that it can offer. It is not to say that if you use very little water in your home that this type of system is not suitable. You must seriously consider the reason why it is cheap. Just read some of the consumer reviews for water softeners that exist, they do not read well at all. Frustration, repeated call outs (or return water softener to the supplier at your cost), leaks, problems and more problems.

What if you buy a whole house water softener for £3000 or more.

Again beware, the salesperson maybe has been “classroom taught” to overstate the true specifications, (so he can get his or her sales commission). So many people fall into this trap believing that they have bought a superior water softener only to find out later that they have been duped!

Which household water softener should you choose then for your home, and how much should you pay for a water softener system?

Reliability, lower running cost and longer life of water softeners are important factors, or at very least, should be part of your buying decision.

Generally,  a 1 to 7 person household should consider paying between £700 and £1500 for a decent domestic water softener. Again an awful lot of choice exist in this price bracket. No matter how much research you do, and we would encourage this, confusion will still arise.

Pure Choice has been deeply involved with water softener supplies and installation for over 20 years. We remain resolutely independent of anyone particular manufacturer, or supplier.   A site survey is essential for the correct choice of home water softener. Please free to give us a call on 0800 068 1857. We definitely are not “arm twisters” and there is no obligation for you to buy from us.  For friendly professional advice ask to talk with Sue, Michael or Richard, we are here to help you.