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Water Softener Review 2013

Confused which is the best water softener to buy?

For many the prospect of choosing a water softener can be daunting. There may seem to be a lot of conflicting information. Especially when surfing the internet.

We at Pure Choice are independent suppliers of water softeners and as a result we are often asked to help with advice. Historically, Pure Choice has served the West of England counties of Somerset, Devon, Dorset, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire. Today it is not uncommon to assist people looking to buy a water softener from all over England. Indeed, even in other countries, recently we have helped with a question regarding a Kinetico 2020c water softener, this person being in Ireland.

A simple web search for “Water softener reviews for 2013” returns an array of results. In my search:, ranks very well. This site has comments relating to EcoWater, TwinTec, Kinetico, Harvey Water Softeners, Monarch, Waterside, Rainsoft to name a few. These tend to be the better known brands. Caution, although this site lists water softeners available in the UK, some of the equipment listed relates to water softeners from other countries that are not available in the UK.

Reading a number of these reviews still causes confusion. For a particular water softener brand and model reviews can be mixed, some will have great reviews and other reviews, for the same water softener, are not so good.

Our advice

Understand what you are about to buy. Will it meet your needs and your budget? Most important consider what its going to cost after it has been installed with regard to water wasted, salt costs, maintenance and repairs.

We consider that you should have the facts to make an informed choice. The best type of water softener with great reviews may not actually be the best water softener to install in your home. Why? Because water flow rates, water pressure, water hardness, the number of people that use water in the home, etc all have an influence.

A recent example that we have assisted with relates to a large home with 7 bedrooms, with multiple bathrooms. The incoming water main being 54 millimetres. Water pressure 2.4 bar. Two 330 litre hot water tanks, with recirculation pumps fitted to the hot water system. Designed peak water flow rate over 42,000 litres of water a hour.

So on paper this would be a very large industrial water softener. There was also another parameter to consider, on occasions no water would be required for days at a time. With the wrong choice of water softener (that is the large industrial water softener) stagnation of water and bacterial issues was a major concern. In this case the solution was to provide a series of smaller water softeners with bacteria media inhibitors within the water softener.

This situation is not the norm.

What I am actually trying to convey, with this example, is that brochures and specifications must be thoroughly understood to meet the needs of your home and daily water needs. For many, this is the confusing and daunting decision that must be made. Nobody truly wants to install the wrong water softener, to find out after it has been paid for that it does not work properly.

Water softeners reviews for 2013

Yes, we would love to sell you a water softener! But it very important to us that you have the best water softener for your needs and budget. Being an independent supplier we are happy to discuss many brands of water softener with you, removing the confusion of which is the best for your situation. Pure Choice regularly review water softeners and in 2013 we have received extremely positive feedback on our approach. We are happy to visit you in your home, or speak on the telephone.

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Which water softener should I buy? – A common question answered by Pure Choice

Pure Choice is independent of any one particular manufacturer or supplier. For this reason we are able to freely help you with the correct choice of water softener to suit your needs. Pure Choice intentions are to help you choose the best water softener to match the technical needs of your property which meets your budget.

Water softeners prices range from entry level water softeners at around £400, to many thousands of pounds (for commercial applications). When people buy, generally they do not want to make a mistake with their purchase and regret it.

So how do you choose?

Pure Choice will be happy to discuss your requirements without any obligation on your part.