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Water Softener system installed in Dorset will remove hard water issues

Having spent the weekend in Weymouth, Dorset, it was noticeable that not having a water softener installed in the accommodation that Richard Bisgrove stayed in was awful. Water softeners provide soft water by removing the hard water minerals. Soft water has many benefits: no scale build up in hot water systems; no scale build up in bathrooms; no scale build up in appliances. This means that money is saved when heating hot water, (just 1.6mm, one years typical growth, will reduce heating efficiency by 12%); clean taps, shower heads and screens, which means much less cleaning and buying expensive descaling cleaning products; soft water used by appliances will last much longer with much less maintenance. Softer water will also save on soaps and detergents. They will lather well with soft water giving greater cleaning power for less product. Washing with softer water helps reduce dry skin and generally assist eczema sufferers control the condition better. No soap scum is produced with soft water so laundry washes cleaner, hair feels better and bathrooms stay clean.