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Water Softener Package Deals

Top quality water softeners at quality prices to provide you with the best choice and value for money. Our water treatment specialists will advise on the most suitable water softener and drinking water systems for your individual needs and budget. 

  • Water softener and water filter package A

    £975 inc VAT & Installation*

    • A smaller water softener: serves 1-5 people households
    • 15mm stored water installation
    • Chrome hard water filtered drinking tap
    • 12 months warranty
    • 2 packs of salt
    • Follow up visit
  • Water softener and water filter package B

    £1650 - £2250 inc VAT & Installation*

    • Any premium brand water softener: Hague, Ecowater, Kinetico
    • Serves large households
    • Drinking filtered water tap and filter system installation
    • A full manufacturer warranty
    • Initial salt fill
    • Follow up visit
    • Free extended labour warranty depending on model
  • Water softener and water filter package C

    £3,940 inc VAT & Installation*

    • A premium water softener: the most advanced water cleaning system, highly efficient in water, salt and time.
    • A whole-house sediment water filter.
    • A Premium RO water purification systerm
    • A top brand 3 way tap: dispenses cold, hot (mixer) and filtered drinking water.
    • Choice of iron, chlorine, nitrate, tannin removal medias.
    • 25 year limited warranty
    • A Bacteriostat
    • A Chlorostat
    • Installation and first salt fill
    • Follow up visit
    • 3 years on-site service quaranteed

* subject to survey