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Boost a Main

About Boost-a-Main Water Pressure Booster Pump

The Boost-a-Main water pressure boosting system was designed and patented in the UK, and has been very successful product since its launch in 2008.

It is an exclusive water mains pressure & flow boosting system, which can deliver the water flow and pressure you need, whatever the pressure is from the mains. 

Boost-a-Main is a mains water pumping without the break tanks, it is compliant with the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999.

  • Powerful - Up to 4 Bar outlet pressure
  • Flow rates up to 300 litres/minute
  • Outlet pipe sizes from 28 to 54 mm
  • Designed to optimise accumulator capacity (over 65% when fully pressurised)
  • Compact and quiet
  • Reliable - Fail safe
  • Sizes and configurations for all applications

Boost-a-Main in Operation

system is very simple to operate. Just connect the mains feed to the inlet, the rest of the plumbing to the outlet, connect the accumulator(s) and power it up. The outlet performance is determined by the design requirements of the plumbing system. The only limit to available water flow is the maximum capacity for a given pipe size. It is possible to vary the size and number of accumulators used with any of our water pressure systems according to spare and access limitations. All accumulators are WRAS approved.

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