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Water Softeners

We are independent and will provide you with the free advice for the most suitable water softener for your home or business. We sell, install and service the latest models from the top brands, such as: Hague Maximizer, Watermax, Kinetico, Ecowater, H2Optimo, Harvey water softeners and others. 

We offer special Water Softener Package Deals based on popular products purchased by our customers over the years according to their needs, our advice and recommendations. 

Suitability for your plumbing system, budget and family size - are key to our recommendations, as well as space, location and running cost considerations. For us, as water softener installers, the only way to properly assess your needs is to arrange our free no obligation survey and quotation service. One of our qualified engineers will come to your home to carry out the necessary checks and explain fully to you what to expect form a water softener, then provide you with a written quotation for your consideration.

Water Softener: The Best Kept Secret For Any Home

  • The feel of soft water on your skin is fantastic. Water softeners have helped so many people with eczema and dry skin conditions to take back control of their life.
  • Soap lathers properly and will not produce scum.
  • Bathrooms shine and sparkle.
  • Laundry washes cleaner and softer. 
  • Water softeners also give you real savings. Eliminating hard water deposits will save energy, reducing your heating bills and plumbing maintenance. Water softeners save you money. Fact, not fiction.
  • Limescale is banished forever, both the visible deposits and those that have built up inside the pluming system. Softened water will even dissolve the scale that has already formed inside the plumbing over time. With the softened water in your home, you will see a remarkable difference.

Water Softener Servicing:: Please telephone us on 0800 0681857 or Contact us,  we are here to help with friendly, clear, no obligation advice. We will be happy to discuss your requirements.

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