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Private Water Supply .. Help for your Specialist water treatment systems needs

Water treatment system design is dictated by the impurities in the water source to be treated. Pure Choice offer specialist advice and equipment for the treatment of a problem water supply. It is very important to speak with us about the particular issue that you have with the water supply. For the correct water treatment system, please telephone us on 01458 860557.

Water treatment system solutions

We are happy to build a bespoke turnkey water treatment system. To arrive at the correct water treatment system solution we require a water analysis. From this water analysis we will then be able to specify the correct water treatment system equipment to suit the application.

Private water supplies

Private Water Supplies Regulations 2010; require water from springs, bore holes, surface water, well water, (and other sources) that is to be used for food preparation and Human consumption to meet certain parameters. A Water treatment system for correction of contaminates such as Bacteria (E. coli.), Arsenic, Iron, Manganese, Lead, Nitrate, Nitrite, Sediment, pH, Taste, Turbidity, Odour, Hydrogen Sulphide, and many more. Pure Choice will provide you with quality water treatment system, Contact us

Here are just a small range of equipment that we can help you with for the correct water treatment system


Best dealt with normally by Ultra Violet (UV)water sterilisation.  A UV water treatment system will render the bacteria sterile and unable to reproduce and multiply. Disinfection dosing systems can also be used as a method of bacteria control. For further information please Contact us

Iron, Manganese and Aluminium Removal

This process renders contaminants insoluble via the use of oxygen. The precipitate is then filtered and backwashed out from the system. The filter used is determined by the initial water analysis (please note that this method can be used to eliminate Hydrogen Sulphide).

Pesticide, Chlorine and Colour Removal

Used on systems where backwashing is appropriate, this method uses Granular Activated Carbon. The carbon either absorbs or converts the contaminants, depending upon their make up.

Nitrate Removal

This process can be done either at point of entry, or at point of delivery (for drinking purposes). The process utilises an ion exchange similar to that used in a water softener bed.

pH Correction

Water with a pH value below 7 (acidic) can cause corrosion. This can be addressed by using a system incorporating pH correction media. The pH is raised to above 7, taking it into the neutral to alkaline range. This correction is often needed when Iron or Manganese removal is required.

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