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Large Water Softeners

Large water softeners – water usage requirements above the average usage

Some applications require large water softeners.

Larger households, Commercial water softener applications and small businesses may sometimes require moderately larger water softening equipment. Dependent upon increased daily water usage or even very high levels of water hardness. These water softeners are able to give higher flow rates. Large water softeners will typically have a larger valve size of 1″. This increased valve size is over the more standard 3/4″ valve. Where daily capacities of high volume demand large water softeners are the answer.

The large water softener is best suited to for large domestic use or small business use. Examples of such businesses are Pubs, Clubs, Launderette, Guest houses, Hair salons etc. The larger households of 3 or more bathrooms will benefit from one of these larger water softeners.

Within this range of equipment we are able to provide either a water softener from a main manufacture or we will build you a bespoke system.  Hague Water, Ecowater Systems and Harvey Softeners are the more prudent choice of main manufacturer equipment. Pure Choice are also well versed in design and building a specific large water softener to suit any unique application.

What ever you needs we at Pure Choice have over 20 years experience, in this specialised field of water softeners.

Please telephone 0800 0681857 for assistance to help you decide which is the correct system use should use.

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