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Water Treatment System

You always have your own choice with Pure Choice

Pure Choice is here to help you choose the correct water treatment system.

Be it a water softener system and/or drinking water system for your unique needs. We at Pure Choice pride ourselves in assisting you make the right decision when selecting a water treatment system. Water softener Systems and drinking water systems for both Home and Business premises are our speciality.

Being independent of any manufacturer we will be able to discuss with you the advantages and disadvantages of any water treatment system. You can purchase or rent a water treatment system, whichever you choose. You may want to experience the benefits of excellent water before you commit yourself to a purchase, please ask for details.

We will generally supply, install and commission the equipment in one day with very little disturbance to your property.

Following the water system installation we will always be available for future support.

With a Free of Charge, no obligation visit, to your property to advise the best water treatment system choice for you. We will be as informative as you require, we would appreciate your custom but ultimately that is your decision, we do not twist your arm! Quick quote

Water Softeners – Individual Needs, Individual Packages

Luxury of soft water, get your Free quotation for Good clean soft water.

Enjoy the best of soft water in your home or workplace. We help you select the best water softener to suit your budget. The joy of soft water is luxurious but not expensive a good water softener will pay for itself.  Arrange a visit

Drinking Water Systems - Tailored to you

Plentiful, clean, refreshing water is a necessity.

Good wholesome drinking water is so important.  Impurities in untreated water are not good. Water suppliers are obligated to provide you with wholesome water. However, you may still may not be satisfied with the taste. You may have other concerns that the tap water in your home or workplace. Pure Choice will be able to assist you with the correct water treatment system.

Specialised Water Treatment System - Bespoke for you 

Not on mains water?

Private water supplies now have stringent regulations to ensure water is drinkable. Pure Choice has a wealth of experience in this field. Call us on 01458 860557. Find out how we can help you. Contact us

We take time to understand your needs

We take the time to talk to each customer and visit them in order to ensure that we offer the appropriate advice and products at every stage of the way.

It may sound obvious, but we know that every customer has their own unique questions, we will help you through the maze of choice.

We are able to demonstrate to you, in your home or workplace, the difference between your current water supply and the water after treatment. Book a survey.

Apart from budgetary considerations, there are often far more complex issues to be taken into account. The location of the water treatment system, the available space, whether aesthetic considerations apply, whether the unit needs access to electric power or not, water softener installation regulations and a myriad of other things.

We never supply a product without knowing that it fulfils your requirements – after all, we need to know that you will have a problem free supply from the moment that we leave.

Call outs for faults or under-performance are an unnecessary waste of time both for us and you alike. We strive to get the job right first time to save on this inconvenience. Our satisfied customers speak for themselves on this very issue. We also are experts at placing units in any location in your property – you don’t have to lose cupboard space in your kitchen. You would be surprised at how easily a unit can be fitted into unconventional locations within a house.

Rather than you sift through many providers that tell you that their water softener is the best we prefer to visit you to chat over our extensive selection and help you choose to most appropriate water softener to match your budget and the technical needs of you plumbing system. Arrange a visit

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