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Water Softener Salt For Delivery And Collection

Salt for collection is by appointment only. Please Contact Us in advance, as the office is not always manned at 0800 068 1857.

See a map below showing our delivery areas. If your delivery area does not appear on the map above, please don't worry, simply contact Pure Choice Water on 0800 068 1857 and we will be glad to offer a quote for your requirements.

How to add salt to your water softener

  • Salt must be added regularly to the water softener system. The salt in the softener acts like a sponge to hold the minerals and metals, such as calcium, magnesium and iron and make the water soft. The process is accomplished by filtering the water through salt in the brine tank.
  • It is advisable to keep the salt level at half-full in order to have a steady and reliable performance. The salt container should be checked regularly, at least once a month. The more water is used, the more salt is needed.
  • Always clean out the brine container before adding salt to it.
  • Check the float system and make sure it is working properly to let water into the tank when needed.
  • We recommend to use a special filter if your water has a high level of iron. The reason being is that iron-eliminating additives are only effective in water that contains up to 2 ppm of iron (parts per million). If the level of iron in your water is higher than that - the filter should be used or additional products added to fight iron.
  • Before adding new salt - break any old masses of salt that have been formed by using a stick. The formation of the masses can be prevented by adding fewer salt to the tank in the future.

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