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Quooker Boiling Water Tap


Energy Efficient

The Quooker hot water boiling system will deliver instant boiling water. Unlike many other systems in the market place (which do not deliver boiling water), the Quooker heats and stores water above 100 degrees C. When you require water the tap delivers instant boiling water.

With an electric kettle, often more water is heated than is required. Also it is common not to the use the boiled water instantly the kettle has boiled itself, hence, a quick re-boil before it is used.

The Quooker system only heats the water that you use and when on standby the energy cost are around 3 pence per day.


In Great Britain kettles cause thousands of accidents every year, many involving small children, (source: RoSPA).

The Quooker system, with its securely mounted tap to the work surface, incorporates a child-safe push down and turn handle. The spout is double walled so that the tap itself remains relatively cool, reducing risk of a hot surface burn.

Another safety feature is that the boiling water is aerated at point of delivery. This minimises burns from splashes or contact.

Water saving

When heating a kettle or a saucepan, often more water is used than needed.

The Quooker system allows you to use the exact amount that you require. The Quooker also has a combination hot water and boiling system. This is a brilliant water saver if you have long pipe runs where you wait for hot water to arrive.

Space saving

Kitchen work surfaces are cluttered with many appliances – electric kettles, juicers, espresso machines etc..

The Quooker system fits neatly under the kitchen sink, giving you more work surface space when some, or all, of these appliances are made redundant.

Time saving

Research shows that over the last 15 years time available to prepare meals has decreased from 60 minutes to 30 minutes.

The Quooker system speeds up meal preparation, you do not have to wait for water to come to the boil anymore.

The Quooker system and some of its many uses

making tea for one

making a pot of tea

making coffee for one

making a pot of coffee

making filter coffee

cooking pasta

preparing baby formula

sterilising baby bottles and teats

peeling tomatoes

rinsing out jam jars

rinsing chopping boards

rinsing a food mixer

removing candle wax

and even more……

The Quooker system specifications

The Quooker system comes in three options

Quooker PRO3-VAQ for 3 litres of instant boiling water,

Quooker PRO7-VAQ for 7 litres of instant boiling water, and

Quooker COMBI for instant boiling and hot water.

Quooker taps have three finish options

- polished chrome

- brushed chrome, and

- stainless steel effect

Quooker tap styles options are also available.

The Quooker technology 

The Quooker works by connecting the Quooker tank to the water supply and electricity.

Step 1 – Fresh water flows into the tank

Step 2 – The water is heated to 110 degrees C under mains water pressure. The water is filtered through the HiTAC water filter. The water high water temperature guarantees sterility

Step 3 – Water cools to 100 degrees C as it flows out of the tap and starts to boil

Step 4 – The water is freshly boiled. When the water comes into contact with your tea or coffee it is at the ideal temperature of 93 degree C

(If all of the water is used, it only takes minutes to heat up again.)


All you need is a water supply and electrical socket. The Quooker has all of the necessary installation kit included. (Please ask for the full technical specifications, for water supply, electrical supply and dimension parameters.)

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