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Sediment and Carbon Water Filters

Sediment Water Filtration

Whether you want to remove particulates down to submicronic levels or simply filter out sand and silt at 20 microns, we have the solutions for you.
Our standard sediment filter equipment ranges include:
 50 Micron (50 µm)
25 Micron (25 µm)
20 Micron (20 µm)
10 Micron (10 µm)
5 Micron (5 µm)
All size ranges are available in high and lower flow configurations, as well as 10” and 20” versions, however frequently a combination of different screen sizes may offer the best solution and lowest running cost.
We also supply and fit automatically backwashing filters using different medias including Filter Sand, Filter Ag, and Turbidex. Contact Us for advice and a Quotation for your application.

Carbon Water Filtration

Carbon filters are the most popular and widely used form of filtration.
Carbon Filters remove the chlorine from water as well as other trace elements, such as herbicides and pesticides. The water smells and tastes better after filtration.
There are many different systems of carbon filtration, and we stock a range of the most popular systems and replacement cartridges.
Whether you need a filter system to improve your drinking water or as part of your production process, Pure Choice can help. Contact us for more information.

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