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Brita Filters

We don't sell jug filters!

The main reason for this is that everybody else already has you covered for your jug filter needs.

However if and when you get fed up with waiting for your water to percolate through, or other people in the house using the water and not refilling the filter, or admitting to yourself that you really should have changed the filter “weeks ago”, then we can help you with a better more permanent solution.

Our plumbed in Brita Filter system eliminates the waiting and is always available on tap.

With a six monthly filter cartridge change and no more scale in the kettle, it really is much more convenient.

Jug Filter advice and maintenance

Jug Filters, when used, remove chlorine from the water and expose the water to “the open air” this combination has the potential to introduce bacterial contamination, just as the antibacterial chlorine is removed.

If you then leave you jug filter on the counter to warm up or pick up solar gain, then you can quickly find yourself with bacteria soup instead of good filtered drinking water.
The way to combat these risks, is to keep you Jug filter in the dark and cold fridge. To treat your filtered water as you would fresh milk.

i.e. Keep it refrigerated, dishwash the jug regularly, and DON’T FORGET TO CHANGE THAT FILTER.

Filters that are not changed and overrun can start to add contaminants back in to the water.

Alternatively, eliminate all of this with a plumbed in solution.

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