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Kinetico 2050 Premier Maxi

Kinetico 2050 Premier Maxi
Kinetico 2050 Premier Maxi

Overall Rating: 3.9 (Out of 5)

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Economical and low maintenance, semi-commercial water softener Kinetico 2050c is a larger version of the Kinetico 2020c model, with all the same benefits, but a faster flow rate.

  • Non-Electric
  • Twin-Tank Design
  • Metered Regeneration
  • Soft Water Rinse
  • Countercurrent Regeneration

Dimensions: height 69.1 cm x width 29 cm x depth 68.9 cm
Service flow rate: 30 l/min
Peak Flow Rate: 57 l/min
Regeneration time: 11 mins, water used per cycle 26 litres
Salt usage: 0.5kg

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