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Domus Water Softeners

Domus water softeners – advanced non electric water softener technology at its best – Made in England.

Domus water softeners – Non Electric water softener – No programming required!

Domus water softeners will be carefully specified and factory set to meet the water hardness of your property. The Domus non electric water softener is fitted with the same type of water meter used by water authorities and will continuously, accurately measure all the water in your home, automatically cleaning itself only when needed. This will make the Domus non electric water softener one of the most economical and efficient water softeners in the industry today!

Water Softener Installation 

The Domus water softener 300 is suitable for most homes and be neatly fitted under the kitchen sink, in the utility room, in the garage or any other place in the home that suits your requirements and the plumbing.

Unlike many companies, at Pure Choice we employ our own installation and service team and install your water softener to meet all current regulations.

Domus water softeners – Twin Cylinder Water Softener Technology! 

Some older technology water softeners are single cylinder machines which mean that they only supply softened water most of the time, having to bypass themselves during their regeneration period, (this can allow hard water into your home). The results of a mix of soft water and hard water give the feeling of not entirely soft water.

Domus water softeners are designed to give you soft water all of the time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, regardless of how much or how little water you use. As a result  your water quality will always feel much softer. In addition, your softener will supply more soft water per minute than any typical water usage in most  homes, in the UK, will use. Unlike other non electric water softeners in the market you will never have to choose between high efficiency or high flow rates.

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