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Ecowater Water Softeners

Ecowater Water Softeners are reliable and simple to use

Ecowater water softeners are intelligent, clever, simple to use water softeners that save you money. As the worlds largest supplier of residential water softeners the technology is relied upon by more than 2 million customers in hard water areas. Unique Ecowater features ensure a host of benefits for anyone looking for a soft water solution.

Efficient – to save you money

  • Patented Ecowater technology ensures optimum performance, using significantly less salt and water than a conventional softener.
  • Smart technology accurately monitors water usage and adapts to your needs, ensuring softened water is always available on demand.
  • High performance advanced resin allows for compact, space saving softeners with a high capacity.
  • High flow rates and low pressure loss are ideal for today’s modern properties.

Ecowater water softeners System Intelligence – to put you in control

  • Easy to use controls, with information at your finger tips.
  • Unique capacity information shows at a glance how much soft water is available.
  • EASE a telephone link facility that allows the performance to be checked remotely.
  • Hydrolinktm wireless remote provides access to control features and status information somewhere else in your home, (optional).

Ecowater water softeners System Reliability – to give you peace of mind

  • 72 hour power loss backup protects the softeners memory during power cuts.
  • Durable and reliable components reduce maintenance.
  • Strong high density salt storage cabinet with large access for ease of loading salt
  • Reinforced fibreglass mineral tank, pressure tested to 8.6bar with a 10 year replacement warranty (excluding labour)
  • Overflow and double safety shut off valve for added security.
  • 24 volt transformer for safer electrical supply.

Ecowater Systems is a Sustainable company – to save on carbon emissions

Ecowater is one of the UK’s carbon neutral companies.
An Ecowater softener can reduce your carbon footprint, saving you money in the process and benefiting the environment.

The Ecowater water softeners 
Ecowater Systems range of water softeners

The Ecowater ESM9 + water softener is the smallest in the range, just 552 mm tall (21 3/4″). It is best suited to look after the smaller property with 1 to 3 people, however, it is powerful enough to cope with up to 10 people if you have visitors to stay.

The Ecowater ESM11 + water softener is the most popular in the range. This water softener will locate easily within your property. Having the capacity to care for 1 to 5 people comfortably. The fantastic performance of this unit enables it to accommodate the most demanding of situations.

The Ecowater ESM15 + water softener is the big brother to the range. It will provide economic softened water for between 1 and 8 people, yet, still locate under a kitchen work surface if required.

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