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Soft Water Benefits

Water at its BEST – Softened to perfection, a perfect addition to any home!

Softened water is described by those who enjoy it as part of their daily life as indispensable.

Said to be one of the best investments that they have ever made, and a definite improvement to the Quality of Life.

Soft water benefits are numerous.

No more Scale

No more scale means an end to hours of cleaning. Bathrooms shine. Showers do not block, shower screens stay clear. Inside the plumbing, no more scale forming, any scale already present will gently dissolve away to leave hot water heating systems clear and efficient as the day they were installed. Appliance’s last longer with soft water. Plumbing  and maintenance bills plummet. Banish scale from your life with soft water.

No more Scum

Soft water allows soap and detergents to work immediately. You use less and save money. No more stubborn scum in your bathroom. Laundry washes cleaner and brighter. Skin feels great. Dry skin condition improve. Soft allows you to use more environmentally friendly soaps ad detergents. They actually work with soft water.

Soft water benefits are numerous, most people will agree that the following soft water benefits are so fantastic.

  • Softened water does provide real financial savings by reducing the need for maintenance and replacement of hot water systems, dishwashers, washing machines and showers by extending their life.
  • Soft water improves the efficiency of hot water heating. A typical household heater will grow limescale at 1.6mm per year that in turn reduces the efficiency of the water system by 12%, 3.2mm in two years is 25% inefficiency. Softened will gently remove scale deposits returning the hot water heating system to near optimum performance.
  • Soft water will save you money by the need to use less soap and cleaning products. Many of our customers only use a teaspoon of washing powder in the washing machine, no calgon, no fabric conditioner. Dishwashers often do not require salt or rinse aid. Toilet soap, shampoo, conditioners are also reduced.
  • Soft water has a clean soft silky feel to it. It makes bath or shower time a luxury without the need for oils or bubble bath.
  • Softened water rinses away clean. No scum or scale deposits are left.
  • Soft water helps make hair soft and easier to manage. Many hairdressers use soft water for that reason.
  • Softened water saves time. Studies have shown that a considerable amount of time is saved with soft water.
  • Softened water improves laundry. Whites wash whiter, laundry washes cleaner and softer.
  • Soft water will wash cars easier. No more streaks or spots.
  • [Soft water shower] Softened water is better for you if you wet shave. Razor blades last longer reducing the risk of razor rash.
  • Softened water can help eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions. Many customers continue to say that their skin improves when they use soft water.
  • Soft water is green. Hard water increases carbon emissions, installing a water softener will help you to improve our planet.
  • Enjoy soft water The luxury of soft water Clean sinks and bathrooms
  • Save money with soft water

INVEST in a Soft Water Softener System from Pure Choice get the soft water benefits and  SAVE money

The average hard water household of 4 people will waste typically £600 per year in wasted energy, increased maintenance, excessive use of soap and detergents, household cleaning products to get rid of limescale.

It makes sense to install a water softener to get the soft water benefits when prices vary from £400 to £1700 for most applications. The cost of water softeners is comparatively small when compared to other home improvements such as solar panels.

You can benefit from soft water. Simply give a call. No obligation, simple no fuss approach. We do not employ “the hard hitting type of sales person”. You only get Richard or Michael to visit you. We both are knowledgeable and experienced water softener engineers.  Quality water is our passion.

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