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Tapworks Water Softener

Tapworks water softener models; Ultra 9, AD11, AD15 and NSC40 UD1  are generally for the plumbing trade

A Tapworks water softener is a trade water softener intended for the plumbing trade. Tapworks water softeners utilise components made in the USA by Ecowater Systems.  When compared the actual Ecowater branded water softener systems the operational specification is some what similar, YET DIFFERENT.

So what is different?

  • The method of measuring or metering the water usage is not as effective as it could be

The sensitivity is poor on the Tapworks water softener when compared to the main Ecowater branded water softeners that Ecowater UK sales. This can, and often does, lead to hard water leakage to your plumbing systems. With this in mind various “fudges” overrides have to be made. This means that the water softener will use more salt and cost you more money to run. In many cases, a daily override needs to be added that forces the Tapworks water softener to prevent the water softener giving hard water.

  • Simplified electronic controllers

The electronic brain is not the same as on the more effective main Ecowater water softeners. This means that operation is not as effective as the Ecowater water softeners, potentially wasting more salt, costing you more money. Setting up the water hardness is very different. The Tapworks water softeners are set using unit settings. Do you understand a unit setting? The set up table (in the manual) is vague. Unit setting are not a true measure of water hardness. The memory loss back up is inferior the main Ecowater water softeners, this can mean that you will need to get the handbook out much more frequently to reset the Tapworks water softener.

  • Maximum soft water capacity

This is lower than the comparable Ecowater branded equivalent sized water softener. Again, more salt needed and a higher running cost.

  • Guarantee

The Tapworks water softener has a two year guarantee, (only if you return the registration card). The Ecowater water softeners have an extra year is bought through an authorised dealer like Pure Choice, (no need to return the registration card).

  • Plumbing standards

Not all plumbers were created equal. We have seen some awful work practices where plumbers have fitted water softeners, (not all plumbers). Most plumbers know how to join a pipe, you ask them how the water softener works in depth and their knowledge will begin to wane. This not to say that the plumber is not competent, but beware. Many, many, many times have we be called out to an installation done be a plumber to correct their work.

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