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Water Softener Prices

Water softener Systems price guide

Water softener systems are available from may suppliers. The market place can divided broadly into three different groups of supply.

  • Budget assembled water softener systems
  • Popular main manufacturer water softener systems
  • Larger water softener systems

Budget low cost water softeners (typically £450 to £900)

Any one of these will give you soft water, but at a cost. They are initially cheap to buy but the ongoing cost will be high. Annual running cost (salt and water wastage) can be well over £120 per year. This does not even cover higher requirements of service and repairs. Some of our customers who have bought equipment is this group will upgrade to a better quality water softener after only a few years. If you have a limited budget it may be more prudent to lease (or rent) one of the more popular water softeners. Please contact us for advice.

Our lower priced water softeners

Main Manufacturers water softeners (typically £1000 to £1450)

We find these are by far the most popular choice with our customers offering the best choice for softened water. The better build quality, better guarantees, with lower running cost that can be low as £30 a year. Although you may find many different branded water softeners, there typically are only four different companies, of merit, that provide water softener systems.  Ecowater Systems, Harvey’s Softeners, Hague Water are considered to be the better water softeners. Please give a call to discuss further.

Our popular priced water softeners

Large water softener systems (typically from £1600 to £4000)

These tend to suit larger applications. Here we can either build you a bespoke system or provide one from one of the main manufacturers. Larger water softener systems will be necessary either for, extremely hard water or very high water flow rates or for water usage above 2000 litres per day. You should call us for advice.

Our higher priced water softeners

What is the best water softener for you?

You may have already realised that the choice of a system for you is daunting.

Pure Choice will help you to the correct choice,

  • We know that every situation is not the same.
  • Pure Choice will conduct a technical survey.
  • This is why we select the best technical choice to suit your budget.
  • We do not rely on any one particular supplier as this limits your choice.
  • Water softeners (sometimes referred to as water softener conditioner) vary in price considerably.
  • We believe that we are very competitive on our prices for the high level of choice and service we provide.
  • We also provide you with our in house plumber to install your new water softener supplied by Pure Choice Quality Water Treatment Systems.


The average household will save enough money using softer water to cover the cost of the water softener in a few years.

When you buy a water softener consider the running cost after buying it. Do not buy a water softener because it is cheap now. This can be false economy.

The following statement is so true:

“The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten” – John Ruskin

Call now 0800 0681857 for BEST Quality and Water Softener Prices, subject to a free home survey in our area of coverage, or contact us now.

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