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3 Reasons to Choose Drinking Water Filters Over Bottled Water

Bottled Water vs Filtered Tap Water

Bottled water is a convenience we take for granted. It is so easy to buy chilled bottles of mineral water and stock up our fridges. It is also more appealing than drinking hard water straight from the tap. However, drinking water filters can offer a more advantageous way to create great-tasting water in the comfort of your home. Here are three reasons to switch from bottled water to filtered drinking water. 

1. What Is Safer: Tap Or Bottled? Filtered Tap Water is Better for Your Health

There is a misconception that bottled water is much cleaner and healthier than filtered water. A study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences from January 2024 showed 240,000 pieces of plastic for every litre of bottled water. There are fears that ingesting microplastics can hinder the endocrine and reproductive systems. Switching to filtered tap water means you don't have to take that risk.

2. Bottled Water is Worse for the Environment

The bottled water industry is highly damaging. Not only does it use 2.7 million tonnes of plastic per year, but a lot of that ends up littering our countryside and oceans. There is also a large carbon footprint involved when transporting all those bottles across the country. You can make a difference by filtering your tap water for the same great taste. 

3. Tap Filtered Water Is More Economical. Save Money by Making the Switch

Finally, there is the financial benefit. You might think that installing a drinking water filter is far too expensive to make it worthwhile. Buying bottled water is far more convenient in the short term. However, the initial cost of your investment soon pays off with all the money saved on not buying bottled water every day. 

Giving up bottled water and installing a drinking water filter is a big commitment. Yet, if you make that switch today, you can help save your family's health, save the planet, and save your weekly budget. 

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