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5 Ways in Which Hard Water is Hard on You

Hard water is water that contains certain minerals. These minerals in hard water create scale that forms inside your clean water pipes, wastewater pipes, and all your appliances that use water. The mineral components in hard water also mix differently with soaps when compared to water that does not contain these minerals, which is called soft water. Unfortunately, while hard water looks exactly the same as soft water, it can cause a lot of damage. 

•   House Water Pipes: Scale is formed out of layers of mineral deposits inside the water pipes. These mineral deposits form when hard water flows through pipes. Thick layers of scale can form inside both freshwater and wastewater pipes through which hard water flows. These layers of scale will gradually stop the flow of water through the pipes until the pipes become completely clogged.

•  Household Appliances: While each of your appliances has an expected lifespan, this lifespan is shortened by several years due to the use of hard water. Hard water can also prevent your appliances from working efficiently. Appliances that use soft water are likely to retain their original level of efficiency for a longer period of time.

•   Soap: Hard water reacts badly with soap as it prevents soap from lathering properly. The lather that soap makes is an essential part of the process in which soap cleans skin, dishes, and clothes. So you will be able to clean a surface more effectively when you use soft water with a lesser quantity of soap when compared to using hard water with the same quantity of soap.

•   Skin: Due to the reaction that hard water has on soap, people usually use more soap when they use hard water for showers. Increased use of soap can leave the skin feeling dry and can exacerbate the symptoms of certain skin conditions. Also, the minerals in hard water can cause eczema and dry skin conditions.

•   Disease: Hard water can increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases due to the mineral deposits that it leaves behind inside the body.

Hard water can damage your household pipes, your household appliances, your skin and health. So get in touch with Pure Choice Water today for a professional indendent water treatment advice. With our experience in the water industry, water systems, water treatment, water filters, and water softeners, we can give you the friendly assistance that you need to handle your hard water.