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Tap water in England and Wales is safe to drink during Covid-19

The UK Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) has recently stated that the tap water in England and Wales is safe to drink and can continue to be used as normal during the Covid-19 pandemic.

As part of the routine water treatment in the UK, drinking water supplies undergo a daily disinfection – a process that removes all harmful pathogens and viruses. There has been no evidence that Covid-19 coronavirus can be spread through drinking water.

The World Health Organisation WHO also published a brief in March 2020 which stated that the presence of the Coronavirus has not been detected in drinking water supplies, and that the risk to water supplies was very low. There is also no evidence that Covid-19 can be transmitted through wastewater and sewage systems.

Water treatment companies and water providers in the UK have been doing their best to keep the operations going to ensure the quality and provision of water in the country remains unchanged, and making the safety of drinking water a priority.

Thames Water has announced that it is dedicated to keep supplying the water and wastewater services, following the government health advice during the crisis. The call centre for general inquiries had to be closed due to the pandemic, and can only be used now for financial support, and a 24-hour helpline has been opened at Thames Water to provide customer help in case of problems with supply or flooding. The key worker teams are at work to provide the essential maintenance and repair services to ensure the safety and uninterrupted supply of water to communities.

Anglian Water continues emergency works, and has a team of operational experts that continue to carry out critical and repair works, maintaining social distancing measures, as according to the government guidelines.

Drinking water filters for homes and businesses, such as RO systems and scale reduction filters are a safe and economical solution to purifying drinking water and making sure it is safe and clean. Our Pure Choice water treatment experts will be able to provide a free advice on best quality water filtration systems.