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Benefits of Water Softening

A water softener is a good addition to your home for many reasons. But what do we mean when we use the terms "soft water" and "hard water?" Understanding the difference can help you save money, create less wear and tear on plumbing systems, and keep you healthy. We look at some reasons you may want a water softener for your home.

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Soft Water Versus Hard Water: What's the Difference?

To understand soft water, you first need to understand what hard water is and its effects on your home. Hard water has a high content of the minerals of calcium, magnesium, bicarbonates, iron, and sulfates. Soft water is water where these minerals are removed through a water-softening system. The processed water is lower in calcium and magnesium ions and is sometimes referred to as softened water. While this water is lower in calcium and magnesium, the processed water can contain high sodium and bicarbonate levels.

Hard Water and Your Home

The main problems with hard water are the negative effects on plumbing and appliances. Hard water can cause scale build-up, and scaliness first appears on plumbing fixtures such as shower heads and taps. The underlying issue, however, is with your water heater and pipes becoming coated with minerals. Hard water clogging can shorten the life of your water heater, fixtures such as clogged shower heads, and appliances, such as dishwashers and washing machines. Furthermore, the amount of damage from hard water depends on the pipe material in your home. Older steel pipes have greater issues with hard water scaliness than newer PVC or copper pipes. A water-softening system can help preserve the plumbing of your house.

Hard Water, Cleanliness, and Health

Along with the clogging and scaliness that makes water pressure weaker, hard water makes rinsing soap from dishes and clothes difficult. Your dishes may look dingy, and your clothes may not clean up their brightest. Hard water can also cause your shirts to have rust stains. There are also a few negative health effects from hard water; just as with your clothes and dishes, soap and shampoo may not work as well with hard water, so dry, uncomfortable skin and unmanageable, frizzy hair are frequent problems with hard water. You can feel uncomfortable and have more bad hair days from hard water. In some cases, hard water exacerbates eczema. With a water-softening system, you are more likely to have softer skin and softer hair.

Benefits of Softened Water

Besides looking better and feeling less itchy, what are the benefits of using softened water? Soft water tastes better. Without higher levels of minerals, water tastes more pleasant and cooking is more palatable. Cleaning in general is easier with clothes that look brighter and won't wear out quickly. Softened water prevents scaly pipe build-up, leading to appliances lasting longer. For softer skin and manageable hair, cleaner clothes, and longer-lasting appliances, consider a water-softening system today.

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