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Hard water case in Keynsham, Bristol, UK. 

The lovely family we visited wanted a solution to the terrible hard water in their house, and also what they described as "disgusting tasting water". The one thing that had put them off the installation of a water softener in the past, though, was the thought of losing cupboard space, as a family house storage is of a premium!

Our solution was to, quite literally, "think outside the box", and we suggested to install the Hague Maximizer 410 water softener outside in an insulated cabinet. 

We also installed a Compact 75 water purification system that was neatly tucked away underneath the kitchen cupboards. This fed their new Altea 3 Way drinking water filter tap in the kitchen, that they were absolutely delighted with.  And that kitchen tap was certainly a challenge to install behind that big sink!! 

In the end, they not only have softened water in the whole house, but also the fresh filtered drinking water straight from the tap in the ir kitchen. The customers were very pleased with the installation, and they are looking forward to all the other benefits that come with softened water.