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How a Home Water Treatment System Can Help You Save Money - and the Planet 

Installing a water treatment system in your home is not only a long-term solution to bad quality water, but it can also save you money and help reduce the amount of plastic waste you generate.   

Water is good for you. In fact, it is probably the healthiest thing you can drink. But if the water in your home carries mineral or chemical contaminants, it may be doing you more harm than good. Bottled water is one solution, but it has at least two big drawbacks: it can get expensive, and it generates a lot of waste.  

If you drank the recommended 64 ounces of water a day, you would consume roughly five 12-oz bottles, which means 1,825 bottles every year - per person. By filling a reusable bottle at the tap, you could significantly reduce your contribution to the plastic waste problem, as well as save yourself hundreds - if not thousands - of pounds a year. Read more about affordable drinking water filter and purifier solutions.

Hard Water

A water softened by a simple water softener system, can save you time and money in other ways as well. Hard water leaves a build-up of residue in baths, showers, sinks, and on cookware. Over time, deposits of minerals from hard water can accumulate and eventually damage pipes. Softened water can help reduce the amount of time and money spent on cleaning, replacements, and repairs.  

Hard water is also known to cause dry skin and hair. Softened water can save you time and money spent on personal care. If you have sensitive skin, softened water can help prevent irritation and alleviate some conditions.  

Water treatment systems are an investment that will pay you back in time, money, and improved well-being. Good clean water is good for you, for your home, and for the planet. 

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