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Increased Water Hardness in the area of Compton Durville

The upgrades to the Compton Durville Water Treatment Centre have been completed and homes/business in the affected area have been starting to receive supply from the centre this week. This is great news for improved water quality and a more sustainable and reliable supply of water, but it does mean that the level of hardness in the water will be elevated as a result.

For our existing customers, it may mean the hardness settings of your water softener will need to be adjusted. Please call the office to discuss and, if required, we can arrange a visit to retest the mains supply water and act accordingly. If your service is coming up then this will be looked at as part of the service.

For those that do not currently have any water treatment, you are likely to notice an increase of limescale around the home. This may be noticeable as deposits around the taps/basins or a white residue that is difficult to clean. You may also find scum and/or flakes of scale in your kettle or hot drinks. In the long term, limescale can build up in the pipes reducing flow rates and regularly block taps and/or shower heads. If you wish to know more about the effects of water hardness and what can be done about it, please call us on 01458 860557 or contact us here.

We can arrange a free of charge, no obligation visit to survey your property and discuss solutions that would be right for you.