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Is Your Drinking Water Safe? (5 Things to Consider)

Crystal clear, pure, delicious water serves many purposes in life. From bathing and cleaning to cooking and drinking, not a day goes by without constant interactions with this precious and fundamental necessity. When traveling, people often pay close mind to the area and consider drinking bottled water for fear of stomach upset. But in day-to-day experiences, few people take the time to think about the quality and purity of their water.

Before you get to finishing off those often-recommended eight glasses of water per day, take the time to make sure your water is, in fact, healthy. Here are five ways you can investigate and improve the quality and safety of your drinking water.

1. Conduct a water test at home. A simple water test kit from the home improvement store can remove the mystery from your water supply. By discovering possible problems, you can take immediate actions to correct them if needed.

2. Search online for a water safety or water incident database. The governments of the UK, United States and many other countries strictly regulate water quality to ensure it's safe for human consumption. Find your local water safety database, enter your zip code, and find out if your water provider is under scrutiny for any significant water contaminants.

3. Contact your local council or county. Inquire for information on your local water supply and share any concerns from your home water testing and research.

4. Consider installing a water filtration system for fresher, cleaner water. Refine and purify your water, stripping away mineral deposits and the noticeable traces of chlorine.

5. Look into a reverse osmosis water treatment system. Clear away almost all of the dissolved solids, leaving behind delicious drinking water.

Your health and your family's health depend on a lot of factors. The quality of your water is one you can often control. Water is a vital force of life that is important in many aspects of your family's well-being every day. Take matters into your own hands by testing and improving your home's drinking water supply. Ask for professional guidance in solving any of your water concerns.

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