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The New Research About Microplastics in Drinking Water

In the recent research, the World Health Organisation experts have gathered together and reviewed all the scientific studies conducted to date on the presence of microplastics in drinking water. The experts examined and rated the quality of data collected to date.

Also, the evidence had been gathered on the potential health risks the microplastics in water can cause. In addition, the study looked at the ways the microplastics can be removed from the drinking water, and the water treatment options for such processes. The experts examined and rated the quality of data collected to date.

As a result of the study, the scientists have concluded that the microplastics particles larger than 150 micrometres in water do not pose any serious risk to the human body, as they are not likely to be absorbed through the gut.

Unfortunately, according to the WHO experts, there is a very limited information and research when it comes to the existence of smaller particles of microplastics in water, and their effect on human health. The data about the absorption and distribution of nano-sized particles of microplastics in water is very scarce. And so are the methods of quickly finding and analysing the microplastics in water.

Scientists insist that more research should be conducted, as a matter of urgency, on understanding the microplastics in water, for both environmental and health peuposes.

The researchers recommend that, in order to make the drinking water safe, the water filtration systems should be used to remove disease-causing bacteria, chemicals and microplastics from drinking water – and that should be the priority of drinking water suppliers and regulators. The existing water filtration methods are very effective at removing them from drinking water.

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