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Warning Hard Water Area

The Problem is Obvious

Hard water in your home is responsible for:

  • Clogging your plumbing with scale build up resulting in inefficient heating (costly bills) and reduced water flow
  • Damaging your household appliances like washing machines ans kettles causing them to require repair and servicing more frequently
  • Unsightly limescale and scum deposits on your tiles, showers, tiles, surfaces, fittings and appliances that waste hours in time spent cleaning
  • Aggravating skin conditions such as eczema and dry skin

The Solution is Simple

Softener water is the answer:

  • If your pipes are already suffering from scale build up, softened water will gradually wash away any deposits returning your plumbing to full efficiency
  • Softened water is kinder to the environment reducing heating costs as well as allowing you to use less soap, detergent and other household cleaning products
  • Cleaning becomes a breeze with no watermarks on glassware or bathroom suites even when left to drip dry
  • Less use of soaps, detergents and a host of other household cleaning products on you skin saves you money and means a healthier skin for all your family

We are Pure Choice

Your local water treatment specialist:

  • At Pure Choice we have over 25 years experience
  • We have won national awards for recognition of our services to the industry
  • As independent suppliers of water softening and filtration equipment we are not tied to any one manufacturer’s equipment. We prefer to assess you and your property requirements and match your budget to produce the most successful result
  • The best way to appreciate whether softened water will benefit  you is through our FREE, no obligation survey, demonstration and quotation service