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Water Softener Installation In a Care Home In Winscombe, Somerset

We recently installed a new water softener system in a care home in Winscombe.

The old water softening system was leaking badly and had recently been consuming too much salt. The system was in a very bad state, and the decision was made to replace with a new commercial water softener.

The concern of management was that the build up of limescale would very quickly cause severe damage to showers, taps, and all the heating system, so it was a quick turn around for installation.

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Having removed all the old equipment and pipework, we had a good clean up before commencing with the new pipework. The new Duplex 50 litre water softener system was fully installed. The new salt cabinet was filled with tablet salt, to get the water softener running.

Hand over to maintenance staff ensures that the system will be well looked after, and Pure Choice will carry out annual servicing, as requested by the care home management.

Water softeners for homes and businesses

Water softeners work by removing hard minerals present in household hard water, therefore preventing the pipes and home appliances from being negatively affected by limescale.

We specialise in water softener systems, and will recommend a system for your individual needs and budget.

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