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  • Once again, another truly professional job carried out by Pure Choice. Engineer arrived on time, was extremely pleasant, efficient and left my kitchen in a clean and tidy state.

    Nigel, Avon

  • Verified Review. Rated 10 out of 10.

    We have always found Pure Choice very professional, the work done with care, very satisfied over many years.

    Reivew posted by a customer on CheckaTrade. Location: Bristol. Reviewed in: December 2017

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  • Verified Review. Rated 10 out of 10 on CheckaTrade.

    The annual service was done by Ashley who was very efficient and friendly and who works with complete tidiness and leaves the site as he found it. Outstanding.

    Reviewed in: October 2017

    Customer in Castle Cary

  • Installation engineer worked steadily from arrival until job was completed (two hours). Left area tidy. Explained how the softener worked. Very satisfactory.

    Review published by customer on WHICH?Jennifer, Gloucestershire. Posted on 27/09/2018 , work completed 27/09/2018

    Jennifer, Gloucestershire

  • This trader spent time explaining the options i.e. repair/renew our water softener. Once decision was made, new machine was installed with minimum disruption & fuss.

    Review published by customer on WHICH?Trusted Traders. A, Dorset. Posted on 17/09/2018, work completed 17/09/2018.

    A, Dorset

  • Job was completed on the morning of appointed day. Neatly piped and wired area, cleaned up and operation explained. A neat and satisfactory operation.

    Review published by customer on WHICH?Trusted Traders. Reg, Hampshire. Posted on 07/08/2018, work completed 07/08/2018

    Reg, Hampshire

  • Very pleased with both the initial meeting and plan, and the work carried out which was done efficiently and professionally. Excellent job!

    Review published on WHICH?Trusted Traders. Christine, Dorset. Posted on 03/07/2018, work completed 03/07/2018

    Christine, Dorset

  • Installed a week later. Very neat, tidy and quick installation. Excellent experience.

    Review published by a customer on WHICH?Trusted Traders. Christopher, Wiltshire. Posted on 11/06/2018, work completed 11/06/2018

    Christopher, Wiltshire

  • We inherited a house that had a Pure Choice water softener, so they've been coming regularly to fit new water filters every 6 months. 18 months ago, the old one showed signs of being due for replacement so we did that. They replaced it for a new system. As well as that, we're having a new kitchen fitted at the moment and they've been involved. I've never had any issues, any time they say they're going to come, they come and they've always been good at communicating

    Preview published by a customer on WHICH?Trusted Traders. Mr Burns. Posted on 20/11/2017 , work completed 20/11/2017

    Mr Burns

  • Recently had a water softener installed by this company, having had one at our previous house, the improvement in water quality has to be experienced to be believed, no more scale in kettles, taps, showers or any product that uses water. Their salesman was professional, friendly and not at all pushy. Communication was swift and helpful, with clear pricing. All of my requirements were met, despite some challenging problems, all within the agreed price. When I was ready to commence with installation, the work was completed within 10 days of ordering…..very impressive! The work was completed within the estimated timeframe and were it not for the product being installed in exactly the correct location, I would not have known they had been, such was the cleanliness of the installation. I would 100% recommend this company and would encourage anyone in a hard water area to have a water softener fitted, you will never regret it. I would give them 11 out 10 if I could read less

     Review published on WHICH?Trusted Traders. Customer in Devon. Posted on 05/10/2021 , work completed 22/09/2021

    Customer in Devon

  • Cleaning is so much easier due to no soap scum or deposits – Washing machines, kettle etc get no scale build ups. First class service. I feel I can ring any time if any problems. Useful to have salt and filter deliveries.

  • No lime scale anywhere; less detergent used; very good results in dishwasher & washing machine; very good for skin & especially hair. Excellent service, good communication, pleasant & helpful personnel. Always arrive as arranged with a phone call if there needs to be a change.

  • Hair remains soft when washed, skin that is prone to eczema is better, no scum in bathroom, kettle, kitchen etc. Pure Choice are efficient and always prompt for appointments.

  • This is our second softener but it is so much more efficient in terms of salt usage yet supplies good soft water in, what is, a very hard water area. Thorough and professional support, very impressed.

  • Sarah and Peter
  • The quality of the water is excellent. Its amazing how much filth is left in the filter (drinking water filter system). Always reliable and helpful. I would recommend using Pure Choice. You couldn’t get a more friendly and reliable company

  • Softened water means less cleaning of sinks & baths, as well as longer lasting appliances. Regular servicing and salt deliveries as they are needed. Pure Choice do the remembering for you, so you don’t need to worry. Very good customer service.

  • A great system. Expertly fitted. Saving on so many things. Soap, dishwasher detergent. So pleased we had this system installed.

  • Very friendly service
  • I have had 10 years service