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  • The company provides excellent service
  • I cannot understand why anyone living in a hard water area does not immediately install a water softener – after all water is so fundamental to our everyday life.

  • This is our second softener but it is so much more efficient in terms of salt usage yet supplies good soft water in, what is, a very hard water area – Thorough and professional support, very impressed. Punctual & arrives at specified time.

  • We had real problems
  • Arrived Early
  • I have had 10 years service from this company and have been very satisfied. The equipment has given no trouble and has provided lovely soft water, limescale is a thing of the past. I can not speak too highly of the service I have received.

    Mr F, Bristol

  • Amazing device! Great tasting water, less effort in the chore of bathroom cleaning and less aggravation on Eczema affected skin – bathing really has lost its sting!

    Mrs T, Somerset