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  • What are Water Softeners and Why Do You Need Them?

    What are Water Softeners and Why Do You Need Them?

    We all know the importance of water. Stating water is needed for health and survival is even an understatement for the single biggest component in the human body. Water is not just needed by your body, but it's also essential in our homes. Whether...

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  • Why Water Filters And Softeners Are Necessary In a Household

    With the array of options out there to choose from to sanitize and improve your water source, you may be wondering why a water filter or water softener is even necessary. Depending on your water source, you may not realise that chemicals, dirt, minerals, and...

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  • 5 Ways in Which Hard Water is Hard on You

    5 Ways in Which Hard Water is Hard on You

    Hard water is water that contains certain minerals. These minerals in hard water create scale that forms inside your clean water pipes, wastewater pipes, and all your appliances that use water. The mineral components in hard water also mix differently with soaps when compared to...

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  • Does Drinking Water Prevent Cramps After Exercising?

    Common advice tells us to drink water after exercising to avoid cramps. Now, research by scientists at Edith Cowan University in Perth, Australia have debunked the habit as an old wives' tale, saying drinking water after exercise could actually make you more likely to suffer...

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  • How a Home Water Treatment System Can Help You Save Money - and the Planet 

    Installing a water treatment system in your home is not only a long-term solution to bad quality water, but it can also save you money and help reduce the amount of plastic waste you generate.    Water is good for you. In...

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  • The Ideal Place for a Water Filter

    When setting up a new water treatment system, you will need to decide whether you want a point of entry or point of use water filter system. The best choice for you will come down to the unique benefits and drawbacks of each option. Point...

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  • Increased Water Hardness in the area of Compton Durville

    The upgrades to the Compton Durville Water Treatment Centre have been completed and homes/business in the affected area have been starting to receive supply from the centre this week. This is great news for improved water quality and a more sustainable and reliable supply...

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  • 8 Immediate Effects of a Water Softener in Your Home

    8 Immediate Effects of a Water Softener in Your Home

    Rain falling from the sky comes down naturally as soft water. It's only when that clean, pure rain filters through the ground that it picks up minerals like calcium, magnesium, lime, and even chalk before arriving in the public water supply. Through a simple...

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  • Is Your Drinking Water Safe? (5 Things to Consider)

    Is Your Drinking Water Safe? (5 Things to Consider)

    Crystal clear, pure, delicious water serves many purposes in life. From bathing and cleaning to cooking and drinking, not a day goes by without constant interactions with this precious and fundamental necessity. When traveling, people often pay close mind to the area and consider drinking...

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  • Warning Hard Water Area

    Warning Hard Water Area

    The Problem is Obvious Hard water in your home is responsible for: Clogging your plumbing with scale build up resulting in inefficient heating (costly bills) and reduced water flow Damaging your household appliances like washing machines ans kettles causing them to require repair and servicing...

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