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  • Review of water softeners

    Review of water softeners

    Water softeners : reviews for the UK Questions that often asked: Water softeners – Which are the best water softeners? What water softener should I fit? How much should I pay for the correct water softener? Confused which water softener to buy? These are just a...

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  • Can I Use Softened Water in my Boiler

    Softened water in my boiler, will this cause a problem?   –  In short NO!   –  It will help. Recent research supports that softened water (base-exchange) WILL NOT typically be detrimental to a boiler heat exchanger. Indeed Veissmann boilers actually ask for...

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  • Best water softener, Kinetico 2020c HF ?

    Best water softener, Kinetico 2020c HF ?

    The best water softener? The best water softener must be able to cope economically with the needs of your home. “Economically” does not mean the cheapest water softener to buy, it means the water softener that has the lowest life cost. Many manufacturers ...

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  • Hague water softeners

    Hague water softeners

    For many years Pure Choice have been independent of any manufacturer. We Pride ourselves in providing you with impartial advice, helping you choose from all the water softener suppliers confusing specifications. The most popular water softener that people are choosing currently is the Hague 400 maximiser...

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  • Water softener price

    Water softener price

    You may have seen on the net that water softener prices vary. We at Pure Choice have a large range of water softeners with a range of prices. The cost of a water softener installation varies do to the initial cost of the water softener...

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  • Hard water water softeners in the City of Bath

    Hard water water softeners in the City of Bath

    Homes in hard water areas such as Bath in the West of England have water softeners fitted to eliminate hard water scale and scum. Which water softener should I fit? is a common question. This is best answered by a home survey by one our...

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  • Water softeners fitted in Melksam, Bath, Wiltshire, UK are popular in many homes

    Water softeners fitted in Melksam, Bath, Wiltshire, UK are popular in many homes

    Water treatment systems such as a water softener, sometimes written as water softner, installed in homes in Melksham, Bath, Wiltshire,UK, have proved themselves as an effective way to deal with hard water problems. Pure Choice Quality water treatment systems have visited many homes and...

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  • Water softener Wiltshire and Somerset

    Water softener Wiltshire and Somerset

    Water softener Sales, Water softener salt deliveries, Repairs and Service for Wiltshire and Somerset Water softeners have been installed in Wiltshire and Somerset, within both homes and businesses to banish the problem of limescale deposits. People who install a water softener system will see...

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  • Household Water Softeners

    Household Water Softeners

    Compare household water softeners, home water softeners or domestic water softeners. It is extremely important that you understand what water softener you are buying for your home. Prices of household water softeners vary significantly. Water softener cost can start...

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  • Plumber for water softeners

    Plumber for water softeners

    Plumbers are generally good at plumbing. When it comes to installing a water softener, or other form of water treatment system, most of them have very little knowledge. It is not to say that they cannot connect a pipe, repair a leak, connect a radiator,...

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